Extract November 2016



A meeting of Horningtoft Parish Council was held on 8 November 2016 at St. Edmund’s Church attended by four Parish Councillors, County Councillor M Kiddle Morris and three parishioners. The following items were discussed.


Highways: The Clerk had received all the necessary paperwork from Norfolk County Council to request that Dodmans Lane be added to the definitive map as this had been a public bridleway in the past. The same form for the evidence of use will have to be completed as was done for the proposed addition of the footpath from FP4 to Thumb Lane. The Clerk will be contacting those who have possibly walked the path in the last 20 years to fill in the form.

The County Councillor is to investigate the flooding outside Sycamore Cottage with the Highways Engineer. However the potential flooding from the culvert at the entrance to Apple Blossom Farm will not be investigated any further until there is an instance of flooding.

Planning: Applications: No objection was raised to the removal of a condition on planning permission 3PL/2009/1180/F to allow the sale of other goods at Town and Country Conservatories Whissonsett Road. However concern had been expressed to the applicant that there has been an increase of speeding vehicles from the site through the village. The SAM2 sign which records vehicle speeds is to be erected in the next month to check if there is a significant problem with speeding. Decisions: Permission had been granted for the demolition of the existing front porch and erection of a larger front porch at Sunset View Fakenham Road. Permission had also been granted for a variation on a condition of pp 3Pl/2000/0036/F to amend the restriction of use at the Industrial Units on Whissonsett Road.

Numbers of Councillors: The Clerk had contacted Breckland Council to undertake a Community Governance Review to increase the number of Councillors on the Parish Council from 5 to 7. However a significant reason has to be given to Breckland Council for a review. There has been no major change either in the number of residents or the facilities within the parish since the last review which would mean that a review would not be carried out. It was agreed` therefore not to proceed with a Community Governance Review.

County Councillor Report: Budget: There is a £22 million overspend for this year which is £11 million on Adult Social Services and £8 million on Childrens Social Services. It is likely that the Council tax will increase by 3.8% of which 2% is for Adult Social Services and 1.8% which is allowed by the Government. However this may change if the new Chancellor changes some policies in the Autumn Statement. Devolution: There had been a Council meeting on 7 November which became a shambles. The purpose of the meeting was to give the leader a mandate to discuss devolution with the Government and other Councils which was achieved. At the meeting it was made clear that there are many against an elected Mayor and if an elected Mayor is critical to the deal then at present Norfolk County Council is likely to vote against.

Dog Fouling: The Parish Council has purchased the dog bin to be sited at the church crossroads and is now awaiting the formal agreement to erect it. If any parishioner notices instances of dog fouling would they please report to the Dog Warden on 01362 858500. This will assist in fighting the increased instances in the village.

The Parish Council wishes all parishioners a Happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

The next Parish Council meeting is to take place on Tuesday 10 January 2017 in St Edmund’s Church at 7.30p.m. The full minutes of Parish Council meetings are available on the Horningtoft website (www.horningtoft.org.uk) or by contacting the Clerk on 01362 861112.



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