Extract July 2016



A meeting of Horningtoft Parish Council was held on 12 July 2016 at St. Edmund’s Church attended by five Parish Councillors, District Councillor T Carter and three parishioners. The following items were discussed.

Highways: A response from Norfolk County Council to the application to add the path from the western end of Thumb Lane to FP4 to the Definitive Map for Public Rights of Way had been circulated to all members. This stated that the addition of the footpath to the definitive map has to be between the existing FP4 and another highway. Thumb Lane is not a public road so it cannot be considered the destination for any established public rights. Norfolk County Council had therefore suggested that a new application be submitted which included Thumb Lane. Norfolk County Council had also suggested that Dodman’s Lane be added to the application.

A parishioner objected very strongly to the possibility of establishing Thumb Lane as a footpath This would disadvantage all those who live on the lane and they do not wish for Thumb Lane to be a footpath as in time access by vehicle will be denied. He was informed that it is not the wish of the Parish Council to make this a footpath but a Public Right of Way. The parishioner stated that the Parish Council is letting down the residents of Thumb Lane.

It was agreed that the Clerk would contact Norfolk County Council on the future status of

Thumb Lane if an application was made and what are the implications of public rights over time.

It was agreed to raise the matter of the flooding outside Sycamore Cottage again and to contact the County Councillor regarding the culvert near to the entrance to Apple Blossom Farm.

Planning: The application to the removal of condition 4 (personal to the applicant) on pp 3/89/1046 at the industrial units at Whissonsett Road had been granted permission by Breckland Council.

Devolution: The District Councillor reported on devolution. He stated that all Councils in Suffolk had decided to consult but four Councils in Norfolk, Great Yarmouth, Breckland, Norwich and North Norfolk, had decided to oppose the devolution. These will not be involved in the consultation.

The consultation will still be sent to all households. The Government is insisting on an Elected Mayor which has opposition and there is also opposition to another tier of Government.

Breckland Council is in a good financial state and there is a worry that its assets may be lost as it is self financing. The consultation is available on –line or by post. All households will receive information concerning devolution.

Heritage Event 2016: The event on 25-26 June had been very successful. The Chairman thanked Councillor Chapman and her colleagues for organising the event

Dog Fouling: The Parish Council is to proceed with the purchase of a bin to be sited at the church crossroads. If any parishioner notices instances of dog fouling would they please report to the Dog Warden on 01362 858500. This will assist in fighting the increased instances in the village.



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